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This site has been a thought, hope, and point of wonder for several years. It seemed like too much, and instead FB seemed more accessible, but the 2-3 minute posts I’d put together look SO long there. So here we go on this blog adventure to share with you, learn from you, and remain connected with family and friends everywhere. Excited to have you here!

Who: the Cummings family & all of you!

What: a forum for sharing ideas. For our part, holistic healthy-living is a passion we discovered about a decade ago, and has led us to some really amazing people & lifestyle updates we are always excited to share about:

Where: home is the TPNW (Terrific Pacific NorthWest), family & friends everywhere

When: we arrived at this place of holistic living because about 10 years ago we lost our first of several babies to miscarriage. Nothing was ever identified as the culprit, but our midwife shared that there is growing thought that the cleaning products and personal care products we use every single day contribute to hormone disruption and fertility issues. Over time we cleaned up our life, and now have two amazing and healthy kids. It was fascinating and upsetting to learn we are in the company of so many good people dealing with fertility, cancer, and other health issues for largely unknown reasons.

Why: I hope being so boldly open about our heartbreaking experience and sharing our simple toxin-free living tips will help others from having that dark cloud of sadness and loneliness hang about too long. Please share the tips and wisdom you’ve gained on your journey with us too. And be bold (in your own way), we can all share our stories and help change the world for the better. We have learned so much from great people in our pursuit of a healthy life and have so much more to learn. We look forward to growing together to make this tbdlife our best.

How: Sign-up via the popup or send an email to alyson@tbdlife.com to receive brief, almost daily tips, delivered to your inbox. Weekly newsletter version coming soon too!

photo credit: Kayleigh Stefanko Photography, a good neighbor providing great family portraits 


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