Cotton Kids Clothing

Organic & Oeko-Tex cotton is the ideal material for our kids clothes. It is soft, breathable, toxin-free, and so easily launderable. These cotton items also seem to last the longest. The variety of colors and styles available these days delight. And with my vow to only shop on a (true) sale, generous hand-me-downs, good consignment finds, and many gifts from thoughtful grandmas and aunties, it has been possible to keep our kids in these gems most of the time and stay within our budget.

Who: for kids, birth to teen

What: cotton clothes, organic and Oeko-Tex certified are even better for your little ones and the earth

Where: local & online consignment shops, retailers, & company online sites

When: best variety is typically available about a month before each season, we try to shop the sale items about the same time the new season is launched (i.e. in late July/August when the autumn collection is launched, we shop for t-shirts and shorts for the following year)

$Budget friendly tip: save up and purchase a year’s/6-month’s worth of clothing during the after-Thanksgiving sales (AKA Black Friday), or in January and mid-year (like now!), when retailers are getting rid of stock at a good discount

Why: these clothes are adorable, easy to launder, and keep their value (you can hand them down or resell them on a site like Poshmark)

How: if you sign-up for emails on the company’s website, you can be alerted to sales and typically receive an introductory coupon too

Our favorites include: Hanna Andersson, Kate Quinn, and Patagonia, for the climate here in TPNW. For babies, other good options include PACT & Under the Nile. We also like Tea Collection, Boden, and Primary cotton items, but these don’t offer the same variety of organic & Oeko-Tex options. Please add your cotton favorites and budget tips to the comments! We are always in the hunt for a new great find and bargain 🙂