20 minutes a day

Reading to our children 20 minutes a day is fabulous, full of fun, learning time! Even when they are at the age when they request the same book, over-and-over-and-over again 🙂 Another 20 minutes-a-day routine we try to be in with our kids was shared with us by our daughter’s wonderful preschool teacher. She said give your child 20 minutes a day of your undivided attention (no distractions) to share in an activity they initiate. This is not always an easy thing for me to follow through on doing. Yet, when I do, I find the day goes better. And I learn so much about where they are in life. And as so many have said, no one looks back on life and thinks, I wish I would have spent more time doing dishes, bills, or work, rather than being with our children.

Who: you, playing with your child, or a special child in your life

What: imaginative play, games, arts & crafts, etc.

Where: anywhere you are together, the car totally counts if it is the only option on a particular day

When: ideally, when the child requests you play with them

Why: kids so often tag along for adult “play”, to the grocery store, post office, etc., (grad school taught me that while we might not consider those chores play, kids think we must, because we choose to do it ALL the time :))And so, it is meaningful when they can share in identifying play activities for you both too.

How: say yes, once a day (or more, if you have time), when they invite you to play with them. I’m always so well rewarded with their brilliant smile and love!