Sunday Paper

The local Sunday paper holds great & vivid memories of comics, coupons, and a common narrative. On this journey to “do good, seek peace, and go after it!” it has been a joy to seek the example of people doing amazing things in this world. Included among those is Maria Shriver. This spring I had the opportunity to hear her speak at a conference and her authenticity for spreading the good word through a common narrative is inspiring. Today she announced an August break from her Sunday Paper, but you can sign-up here to receive the almost weekly Sunday Paper full of inspiration in you inbox.

Who: Maria Shriver, in her own words, Like all women, I’ve worn many hats throughout my life: journalist, activist, sister, daughter, wife and – most importantly – mother. My family is, and always will be, everything to me.

What: a weekly newsletter filled with “news & views for a meaningful life”

Where: delivered to your email inbox, almost weekly

When: each Sunday morning

Why: Sunday mornings are a perfect time for good news and reflection

How: subscribe to Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper here*

*note & for full disclosure, I’ve signed-up as an “ambassador” to spread the news of this great newsletter, but I’m not being compensated in any way, besides receiving joy from turning friends & family on to this bit of weekly inspiration! You can become an ambassador too, once you sign-up.